Fuenteclean Limited

Janitorial, Viral and Bacterial Sanitizing and Mold Remediation Services

We are committed to providing a fair living wage to our team members.  We do work very hard to keep our pricing competitive but reasonable.

The second part of our our approach is to operate at a lower profit margin than some of our competitors. The third part of our approach is ask our staff to be very efficient and good stewards of the company. We bonus them on quality, and keeping clients for the long run, as this is much more efficient than constantly marketing to new clients. We pass on these efficiencies to our staff wherever possible.  We will continue to strive to improve the overall pay and benefits, and work toward leading our industry toward a true living wage standard.

Corporate and Social Responsiblity

Fuenteclean Limited is dedicated to giving back to the local communities that we serve. That is why we have made a strong ongoing commitment to help where and when we can. We have at times donated free services to local religious establishment, churches and some of our local clients.

 A small thing like cleaning makes a big difference when you are battling a crisis or sickness. In addition to this, we partnered with the Stern John Football Skills competition in 2020.

Through one of our Directors Shaun Fuentes, we have provided free PR consultancy, personal and career development talks and training to local sporting and educational groups. We have also donated essential items to families in need in our local communities.

If you or  your is seeking a charitable in kind donation please contact us at services@fuenteclean.com. We are committed and dedicated to making the World a Better place and would be glad to help if we can.