Fuenteclean Limited

Janitorial, Viral and Bacterial Sanitizing and Mold Remediation Services

Additional Services

Construction Cleaning

FCL personnel can handle all of your construction cleaning needs. When we perform comprehensive construction cleans, we will make multiple visits to the site throughout the construction process. We will send a cleaning team after each stage of construction (i.e.drywall, painting, electrical/plumbing, etc).

After construction is completed, we will detail clean the entire facility.

Additional Services for Commericial entities on day to day or weekly basis. Vacuuming all carpeted areas- FCL personnel will completely vacuum the entire carpeted area, including the following areas: heavy traffic areas, corners of rooms; edges of walls; behind doors; under desks and trash cans. We will also move and vacuum beneath light furniture.

After vacuuming, we will neatly place the furniture and trash cans where they belong. FCL regularly cleans and maintains its vacuums to increase their effectiveness and reduce air pollution. We utilise the HEPA filter to reduce the Allergen displacement into the atmosphere, therefore ensuring a cleaner environment.

Emptying trash and replacing liners - Each night, FCL personnel will completely empty all of your trash cans and replace all can liners. We will also clean and disinfect your trash cans. After emptying the trash, we will neatly place the trash cans where they belong.

Sweeping and mopping - FCL personnel will dust mop floors with clean, treated dust mops. We clean floors with a neutral floor cleaner to avoid damaging floor surfaces or floor finish.

FCL pays special attention to cleaning edges and corners and underneath light furniture.

Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing bathrooms - FCL personnel will sweep, clean, disinfect and sanitize your bathroom areas, showers, toilets, urinals and partitions.

We polish glass and metal and clean, disinfect and sanitize sinks, countertops, door handles, light switches and walls. We will also stock toilet paper, paper towels, and hand-soap upon request.

We utilize cleaning agents recommended for prevention of the Corona, H1N1 virus and other influenza.

Dusting/cleaning all furniture, baseboards, windowsills, etc -

FCL personnel will dust and clean all furniture and vertical surfaces. We will detail-dust desks (if desired), file cabinets and horizontal surfaces. We will perform high-low dusting of picture frames, door frames, etc. We will dust all window ledges, window sills, window frames, blinds and baseboards and remove cobwebs from windowsills and baseboards.

We also polish wooden furniture for example, desks, chairs, cupboards, etc.