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Janitorial, Viral and Bacterial Sanitizing and Mold Remediation Services

Mold Treatment

We provide a unique, specialized service to eradicate and prevent the spread of dangerous mold spores and other allegens (Cladosporium Penicillium,Basidiospores,Aspergillus) and consequently alleviate the suffering of your employees and clients who are unsuspectingly exposed to working and doing business in a contaminated and unsafe environment.

Our Mold Consultant, Mr Hugh Fuentes,owner of KarpetKleen of Abington,Massachusettes ,USA is a certified mold inspector with accreditation from the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (N.A.C.H.I) ,one of the foremost organization in the USA in Bio-Remediation and has successfully undertaken numerous remediation projects.


Approach - A mold inspection initially involves two processes •(1) A visual inspection and /or (2) Air-o-cell test with a Rotor Meter machine.

METHODOLOGY There are Two processes involved :

(1) Mold Remediation – Fogging

(2) Deep cleaning and Wet- Wiping and or Deep soil Extraction

(a) Technicians must be PPE geared
(b) All electronics must be covered protected with polythene
(c ) FOGG all offices from ceiling to floor including furniture,chairs,tables,walls,doors,cabinets,door handles using EPA approved Mold cleaner,sanitizer,deodorizer and mold inhibitor.
(d) FOGG inside of ceiling by shifting ceiling tiles.
(e)Wet-wipe all computer peripherals,monitor,housing,cables,key-boards, CPUs,computer mouse.
(f) Fogg and extract all fabric chairs and carpets.
(g) Fogg again following procedures a to g.
(h) Evacuate offices for prescribed period to allow • for absorption and dissolution before occupancy.

One of our crew members on a mold job